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Passionately Transformational

Evangelical has a strong history of transforming churches, businesses, communities, individuals and the world. But don't just take our word for it.

Evangelical is transforming the entire Northwest District of the United Methodist Church. I know, from where I sit, that some very good pastors have come from this school. They teach practical, pastoral and biblical studies.
Peggy Johnson
Bishop of the Eastern PA Conference of the United Methodist Church

I have been greatly encouraged by Evangelical's commitment to produce leaders who are Spirit-led, biblically grounded and committed to spiritual leadership that transforms lives and churches.
Nate Yoder
Bishop, Atlantic Conference Brethren in Christ

Evangelical Seminary is reaching out with initiatives like Faith in the Marketplace, which connects the seminary to the Christian business community as a practical resource and encouragement. It's exciting that Evangelical enables students to understand the market place and the world around them. Getting the seminary into the community, and the community into the seminary, through programs like Faith in the Marketplace, brings transformation to our local businesses.
Greg Zinn, Evangelical Seminary Trustee, President of Zinn Insurance,
Lebanon and Myerstown, PA

While I received a call to preach God's Word, it was a leap of faith for my wife and me to move from Georgia to Pennsylvania so I could attend seminary. Evangelical is not an easy seminary, but I found that the professors push their students because they want to see us impact the world for Christ. I am now a pastor and my church has seen, firsthand, the impact that Evangelical has had on my life. I give God all the glory. I can't say enough about my experience at seminary. I'm so glad we took this leap of faith-it has transformed our lives.
Charles Walker, '12
Master of Divinity

God intersected my path with Evangelical more than a decade ago when I was able to enroll as an international student. While I was in the States, I returned for ten weeks to my home in Buramba, Tanzania, with a group of ten others to build a new church in the village. In 2007, my wife and I returned to Tanzania to teach and serve as administrators at Nassa Theological College, where we have experienced God's blessings. Lives are being transformed in Africa because of this seminary.
Lucas Ndaro, '02
Master of Divinity

When I was a young pastor, I learned at Evangelical how to do effective ministry in that generation and culture. A quarter century has gone by, and the world has changed dramatically, and so has ministry. The good news of Jesus Christ remains the same, but is expressed differently in a world simultaneously more global and tribal, in a culture where individuals are connected instantaneously through social media, in a society that grows increasingly more broken and more complex. Evangelical pays attention to these tidal shifts, and reshapes education to serve a misshapen world. That's why I've returned to Evangelical...because our mission of transformation continues with each new generation.
Dr. Tony Blair, '91
Master of Arts in Religion
President and Professor of Church History

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