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The Scholarship Fund

Evangelical Seminary and Its Peers
A significant factor for those choosing a seminary is determining where the largest scholarship is available. Because seminaries like Evangelical are graduate institutions, many potential enrollees are already carrying some degree of college debt. A high priority for most is limiting the addition of seminary debt, which can impede one's ability to freely respond to God's call. If a student graduates with unmanageable debt, serving in certain churches, mission fields, or ministries can sadly become unrealistic.

Because Evangelical does not have the amount of scholarship endowment held by many of its peer institutions (see the comparison below), numerous potential students choose other seminaries where they receive greater assistance. We know this costs Evangelical potential students. We also cannot overlook the fact that these students might not receive the biblical and evangelical education that is provided here. This could affect future ministry at your church and others in your area.

Revenue from Endowment:
Evangelical Seminary: 1.4%
Peer High: 39%
Peer Median: 9.6%
Peer Low: 0%

Percent of Total Expenditures for Scholarships:
Evangelical Seminary: 4.3%
Peer High: 12.7%
Peer Median: 8.6%
Peer Low: 0%

SOURCE: Institutional Peer Profile Report, 2010-2011, The Association of Theological Schools, The Commission on Accrediting
This report compares Evangelical Seminary to 14 of its peer institutions with similarities in size of budget, number of students, or geographic area of the country.

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