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Before You Begin Your Journey

An undergraduate degree in psychology, sociology, social work, or similar disciplines is the best preparation. If you studied in another field, we'll ask you to take a course in life-span human development before beginning your work at Evangelical. We'll also ask you to take two graduate-level Bible courses, one in Old Testament and one in New Testament, either before or during your program. (Sometimes circumstances justify a waiver of these requirements; please ask if you think yours do.) New students start only in the fall, although if you'd rather begin in the spring, you may take the courses mentioned above before beginning the formal program.

The MAMFT faculty will evaluate your readiness before you begin the counseling practicum. Beginning the practicum is contingent upon this evaluation, and the practicum lasts about 21-24 months-although some students need more time to finish, and your graduation date depends upon when you finish the practicum.

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