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Master of Arts in Leadership Development

A Program for Students of Leadership

Providing leadership education from a deeply Christian perspective for people who need to balance continuing education and spiritual formation with the rest of their busy lives.

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If you've been looking for a way to expand your leadership capabilities through graduate education, you may be worried about fitting classes and a long commute into your schedule.

Even though you'd love to experience your education at Evangelical Seminary, your family life and career situation might mean you can't come to Myerstown every week or even every month. That's ok... here's your opportunity to pursue your degree without the weekly commute!

Where can you go to find a leadership degree that fits your life and your schedule? With Evangelical's new hybrid online program, you can complete your degree requirements and only be away from home six weekends a year!


  • Integrates spiritual formation and leadership studies
  • Combines face-to-face teaching and learning opportunities with online presentation and dialogue
  • Offers ongoing, personal mentoring by a spiritual director and a leadership mentor
  • Develops deep, ongoing relationships with others in your cohort, leading to a lifelong network of supportive professional friendships and contacts
  • Provides a "trinity" of learning guides for each student-—your professor(s), your spiritual director, and your leadership mentor
  • Exposes you to recognized leaders, thinkers, and practitioners in these fields
  • Recognizes you as an adult learner who brings life experience and knowledge to share with others

About the Program

Upon completion of this program, you will have demonstrated a capacity to:

  • Encounter God as Person and Truth, through a deepening awareness of and response to the persistent invitation of God to intimate relationship.
  • Dialogue graciously and meaningfully with others through appreciative interactions with a wide variety of texts and a diverse population of peers and instructors.
  • Critically and reflectively appropriate and apply theory to practice, particularly within a specific leadership context.
  • Demonstrate attitudes, skills, and behaviors essential for a uniquely Christian understanding of leadership.
  • Make decisions in light of the brokenness of the human situation and God's redemptive activity in the world.
  • Engage in standard research practices within an academic discipline.


Leadership Development
CL511 Culture, Context, and Mission (3)
CL521 Leadership and Administration (3)
CL522 Vision, Change, and Conflict (3)
CL567 Group Dynamics (3)
CL644 Reframing Organizations (3)
CL699A Experiential Learning (3)
CL699B Experiential Learning (3)
Spiritual Formation
SF549 Spiritual Formation and Leadership I (3)
SF614 Grace, Communication, and Leadership (3)
SF641 Spiritual Discernment and Decision-making (3)
SF649 Spiritual Formation and Leadership II (3)
SF659 Christians and Contemporary Spirituality (3)
SF665 Christian Devotional Classics (3)
Christian Theology
CT543 Survey of Christian Theology (3)
Educational Ministries
GS410 Seminary Research Methods (0)
Total Credits (42)


Total cost for tuition and fees for the MALD program is $19,960. At this price, the student pays for 36 credits and gets the additional 6 credits at no charge! This price is locked in for the entire program.

As usual, books and transportation are additional, as well as any lodging or food expenses for the residency. (Some meals will be provided by the program.) A flexible payment schedule is available.


Your journey will be led by the expert faculty from Evangelical Seminary. Learn more about our faculty.


Courses meet online for 9 weeks, with a 2.5-day residency on our main campus during the second week of each course. You'll complete six courses each year, and finish your coursework in less than two years. Students move through the program in cohort groups made up of others with similar interests, building deep and lasting personal and professional relationships as they learn together and teach one another.

The next cohort begin September 2014. Apply now to reserve your spot!

Master of Arts in Leadership Development 2013 Schedule

NOTE: These courses are intended for students in this program only. See Dr. Mellinger with any questions.

Class DatesTitleResidency DatesProfessorSyllabus
1/8 - 3/11
SF665 Christian Devotional Classics
Download  (344 KB)
3/12 - 5/13
CL521 Leadership and Administration
Download  (916 KB)
5/28 - 7/29
SF659 Christians and Contemporary Spirituality
Download  (211 KB)
8/6 - 10/7
CL567 Group Dynamics
Download  (185 KB)
10/15 - 12/16
CT543 Survey of Christian Theology
Download  (1.26 MB)
SF549 Spiritual Formation and Leadership I
Final project due 12/23
Download  (296 KB)
CL699A Experiential Learning Practica

Download  (116 KB)
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Master of Arts in Leadership Development 2014 Schedule

NOTE: These courses are intended for students in this program only. See Dr. Mellinger with any questions.

Class DatesTitleResidency DatesProfessorSyllabus
1/7 – 3/10
CL644 Reframing Organizations
1/17 – 19

3/18 – 5/19
SF641 Spiritual Discernment and Decision-Making
3/28 – 30

5/27 – 7/28
SF614 Grace, Communication, and Leadership
6/6 – 8

8/5 – 10/6
CL522 Vision, Change, and Conflict
8/15 – 17

10/14 – 12/15
CL511 Culture, Context and Mission
10/24 – 26

SF649 Spiritual Formation for Leadership II
final project due 12/22

CL699B Experiential Learning Practica

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