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Transformational Destination

Master of Arts in Religion

Do you love to study Scripture, history, or theology? Are you interested in spiritual formation, or in missions? If you want to pursue doctoral studies, head off to the mission field, or just know more about your Christian faith, then there's a wonderful, open path to begin your journey with Evangelical's Master of Arts in Religion (MAR) program.

In your quest toward the MAR, you'll choose a specific concentration to guide your course of study. At Evangelical, you can specialize in the following areas:

The program is led by our team of teaching scholars. You'll learn about your chosen specialty while coming to know God and the Bible more deeply. This program changes lives!

Are you excited about the transforming power of God's Word in your heart and life?

Your Journey Starts Now!

Did You Know?
Evangelical Seminary houses one of the largest graduate school collections of biblical artifacts in the northeast United States. The Pense Archaeological Museum in Christ Hall provides a priceless learning tool for seminary students and their congregations. Our professors frequently use the artifacts in this collection to enhance teaching and learning.

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