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"Whoops!" How Have You Grown From Your Mistakes in Leadership?

Today, and all week, here at the Deeper Leader Blog we ask you to share from the wisdom gained through failure. Maybe it was a mistake from inexperience, or from ignorance, or from a character flaw, but we'll all learned a few things the tough way–by messing up.

We aren't asking for the gory or personal details, but we challenge you to reflect and briefly share a needed lesson you learned the hard way.

There are two ways to share:

1. Share something in the comments section below.

2. If you have a blog, write an article this week on this topic and plug-in that link below. (See the guidelines below for complete info)

Either or both types of contributions are welcome. Be Brave. We need to learn from you! And, please encourage others to share what they've learned too.

Blog Contributor GUIDANCE / REQUIREMENTS: To participate...
  • Use the Leadership Synchro Badge provided here
  • Encourage growth in maturity.
  • Link back to through the Badge (or use a text link), that links back to this address: http://www.evangelical.edu/macl/
  • Comment on a blog post of at least one other SynchroBlog participant.
  • Promote your own post (and the series) well through available outlets (like Facebook, Twitter, Stumble on, google+, etc) to generate interest.
The Evangelical Seminary website will host links to all Synchroblog contributions. Just write your blog post, and then link-up by including the link in the Simply-link form that is provided below.


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