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Welcome to the Leadership Synchroblog

What Makes a Good Leader?

This is the first question of the Leadership Synchroblog sponsored by Evangelical Seminary, running September 10th-14th.

Though most of us don't run big companies, command platoons, or lead mega-churches, we've all had our experiences with leadership.

In certain ways we all lead:

• As a parent

• As a mentor, coach, or teacher

• In ministry

• On a project or at our job

• In our neighborhood

...and so on.

So you've probably learned some things along the way through your own experiences. OR, conversely, you've been led by an inept leader...so, you know what NOT to do.

Whatever your story, you can read excellent Leadership resources AND join in the first Leadership Synchroblog in the week of SEPTEMBER 10-14th (2012).

Weigh in on "What Makes a Good Leader". Other topics will follow, usually twice per month. You can check the blog for guest writers and new Synchroblog topics. Write you own contribution and then connect to this bigger conversation.

By contributing, you'll be part of making leaders better and a larger community with this focus at the fore. We've invited some leading experts in the field to weigh in too, so don't forget to check out what they have to say on Leadership at the blog.

To participate...

  • Use the Leadership Synchro Badge provided here
  • Encourage growth in maturity. (This means your piece should be positive toward education, training, and development, and not ring negative or disparaging toward others. Such as a specific Leader's failure, for instance.)
  • Link back to through the Badge (or use a text link), that links back to this address: http://www.evangelical.edu/macl/
  • Comment on a blog post of at least one other Synchro Blog participant. Optimally, once per day (or more), during Sept 10-14th.
  • Promote your own post (and the series) well through available outlets (like Facebook, Twitter, Stumble on, google+, etc) to generate interest.

Thank you for caring about this subject and doing what you can to nurture better leaders!

The Evangelical Seminary will host links to all contributions, and Linking up to our list of contributors is EASY. Just fill out the Simply-link form below:

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