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Ken Miller, M.Div., 1985

Ken Miller returned to Evangelical in 1993 as a professor teaching theology and ethics. "The opportunity to be involved in ministry while teaching pastors has been invaluable," Ken says. "The best part of my job is seeing people embrace the life of the mind for service to Christ and His church. That happens as much in the office, where I get to speak with students individually, as it does in the classroom, where they learn as much from one another as from me."

His experience as a student at Evangelical is what he offers to his students today. "Evangelical has done so much for me in providing theological education that is personal as well as academic, so that I could learn from the people, not just the ideas in the books," he says. "It is what I wish to pass along to those who venture into the classrooms today, where I am on the other side of the desk."


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