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How Do We Define "depth"? New Synchroblog Topic

Today at the Deeper Leader Blog we start a new round of conversation for our Leadership SynchroBlog. From September 24-28th, we offer up the issue that's in plain sight.

Explain what "depth" in Leadership means. How do we define "depth"?
What's your take on it?

• Does it mean thinking more deeply?
• Is it a deeper level of character or emotional resources?
• Or something else? What could it mean, and why does it matter?

Contribute on your blog and link in, or take a moment to contribute your insights in the comments section. Through contribution on the topic we can benefit through shared resources and added conversation. Let's make a habit of nurturing better leaders! Thank you for reading, participating, and promoting the issues of Leadership and integrity.

Contributor GUIDANCE / REQUIREMENTS: To participate...
  • Use the Leadership Synchro Badge provided here
  • Encourage growth in maturity. (This means your piece should be positive toward education, training, and development, and not ring negative or disparaging toward others. Such as a specific Leader's failure, for instance.)
  • Link back to through the Badge (or use a text link), that links back to this address: http://www.evangelical.edu/macl/
  • Comment on a blog post of at least one other SynchroBlog participant. Optimally, once per day, during Sept 24-28th.
  • Promote your own post (and the series) well through available outlets (like Facebook, Twitter, Stumble on, google+, etc) to generate interest.
The Evangelical Seminary website will host links to all Synchroblog contributions. Just write your blog post, and then link-up by including the link in the Simply-link form below:


I'll link up a contribution in the next day or two, but I wanted to comment a bit about depth.

I think it comes in many forms. It's the quiet or unassuming forms that get too little attention, but create such stability for followers.

The wise old introverts are those you have to be on the look out for, because you really won't easily notice them, but once you find them, it's like finding great treasure. My spiritual director is like that. She's a grandma, a long-time follower of God, and not flashy. But, I'll follow her any where, even to the scary depths of myself.

(I guess that's sort of a preview of my contribution.)

I'm really excited to read other contributors. I think we may need some help promoting this!!! The word is NOT out about it.

Posted by: Lisa DeLay | September 24, 2012, 11:42 am

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