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2014-2015 Events & Academic Calendar

August 18 Summer Sessions End (M)
August 15-17 MALD Residency, Myerstown (F- Su)
August 25 New Student Orientation, Harrisburg (M)
August 26 New Student Orientation, Myerstown (Tu)
August 28 Fall Classes Begin, Myerstown (Th)
September 1 Labor Day Holiday (closed) (M)
September 8 Fall Classes Begin, Harrisburg (M)
September 9 Fall Convocation, Wittmaier-Sailer Lecture (Tu)
September 11 Last Day for Late Registration, Adding Classes (Th)
September 12-14 MALD Residency, Lancaster (F-Su)
September 18 Last Day to Drop Classes without WP/WF (Th)
September 25 Alumni Leadership Forum
October 9 Last Day to Drop Classes without F Grade (Th)
October 20-24 Reading Week, Myerstown and Harrisburg
October 24-26 MALD Residency, Myerstown (F-Su)
November 3- 27 Winterim and Spring Registration Period
November TBD Ritter-Moyer Lecture
November 21-23 MALD Residency, Lancaster (F-Su)
November 27-28 Thanksgiving Holiday (closed) (Th/F)
December 1 Classes Resume (M)
December 15 Last Day of Fall Classes (M)
December 23-January 1 Christmas Holiday (closed)
January 5 Winterim Classes Begin, Myerstown and Harrisburg (M)
January 16-18 MALD Residency, Myerstown (F-Su)
January 19 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday (M)
January 22 Winterim Ends, Myerstown (Th)
January 22 New Student Orientation, Myerstown (Th)
January 26 Spring Classes Begin, Myerstown (M)
January 26 Winterim Ends, Harrisburg (M)
February 2 Spring Classes Begin, Harrisburg (M)
February 6-8 MALD Residency, Lancaster (F-Su)
February 12 Last Day for Late Registration, Adding Classes (Th)
February 19 Last Day to Drop Classes without WP/WF (Th)
March 12 Last Day to Drop Classes without F Grade (Th)
March 13 -29 Turkey Field Trip (tentative)
March 27-29 MALD Residency, Myerstown (F-Su)
March 30-April 1 Reading Days (Myerstown only)
April 2-3 Easter Holiday (closed) (Th/F)
April 6 Classes Resume, all campuses (M)
April 6-30 Summer and Fall Registration Period
April TBD Wesley Forum
May 1- 3 MALD Residency, Lancaster (F-Su)
May 7 Last Day of Classes (Th)
May 8 Commencement (F)
May 18-June 23 Summer Session I, Myerstown
May 25 Memorial Day Holiday (closed) (M)
May 28- August 13 Summer Language Session, Myerstown
June 1- August 24 Summer Session, Harrisburg
June 12-14 MALD Residency, Myerstown (F-Su)
July 6 Independence Day Observance (Myerstown closed) (M)
July 7-August 20 Summer Session II, Myerstown
July 31-August 2 MALD Residency, Lancaster (F-Su)

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