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Business Office Information

Regular business hours are Monday through Friday (8:00am - 4:0pm).

Students are expected to handle their financial obligations concerning their seminary education in the same manner as they manage what God entrusts to them now and will entrust to them in the future. Financial integrity, responsibility, and discipline are expected of each student. If needed, financial counseling and referral services are available on request.

All registered students are required to pay their tuition and fees in full, or make satisfactory arrangements with the business office, 14 days prior to the start of any semester. Failure to do so will invalidate their class registration. Returning or continuing students with unpaid balances from previous semesters will not be permitted to register for classes until their past accounts are settled. Student accounts must be paid in full in order for students to participate in commencement and receive their diplomas.

Students may use their VISA, MasterCard, or Discover Card to pay their tuition bills in person, by telephone or by mail through the business office which is located on the second floor at 100 West Park Avenue at the Evangelical Congregational Church Center (just across Park Avenue from Christ Hall). All student billings, student insurance, rent payments, and other financial arrangements are handled by personnel at this location.

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