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Graduate Certificate

Youth Ministry

This certificate provides you with an understanding of adolescent culture, a grasp of psychological and sociological forces that shape youth and young adults, and effective tools for ministry to this generation.


Core Courses
OT531 Pentateuch and Joshua (3)
NT511 Gospels and Acts (3) or NT512 Epistles (3)
SF511 Spiritual Formation in Ministry (3)

Choose one course from the following:
CH665 Christian Devotional Classics (3)
ST511 Christian Thought and Contemporary Worldviews (3)
ST543 Survey of Christian Theology (3)
ST724 Christian Ethics (3)
ST726 Issues in Sexual Ethics and Bioethics (3)

Youth Ministry Core
YM541 Inside the Adolescent Mind, Body, and Soul (3)
YM542 Understanding Youth Culture (3)
YM543 Nuts and Bolts of Youth Ministry (3)

YM544 Creative Communication of the Gospel to Youth (3)

** engaged learning course

Total Credits (24)

Becoming a Student

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