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Master of Divinity

Teaching Ministry

This track emphasizes biblical languages, exegetical skills, and historical-theological studies in anticipation of further academic work or teaching ministry.

Old Testament
OT531 Pentateuch and Joshua (3)
OT532 Historical and Poetic Books (3)

New Testament
NT511 Gospels and Acts (3)
NT512 Epistles (3)
NT612 Biblical Hermeneutics (3)

Students are required to take 12 credits in Hebrew and Greek:
OT515 Hebrew Language (3)
OT521 Introduction to Hebrew Exegesis (3)
NT545 Greek Language (3)
NT677 Intermediate Greek (3)

Christian Theology
CT511 Christian Thought and Ethics (3)
CT543 Survey of Christian Theology I (3)
CT634 The Church and Its Mission (3)
Elective (6)

Church History
CH511 Church History I (3)
CH512 Church History II (3)

Denominational Studies
Denominational Studies I *
Denominational Studies II *

Spiritual Formation
SF511 Spiritual Formation in Ministry (3)

Pastoral Ministry
PM515 Personal Foundations for Ministry (3)
PM521 Leadership and Administration (3)
PM625 Introduction to Preaching (3)
PM626 Preaching in the Church (3)
PM635 Church at Worship (3)
PM693 Mentored Ministry - Congregational (2)
PM694 Mentored Ministry - Missional (2)

Missions and Evangelism
ME511 Culture, Context, and Mission (3)
ME524 Evangelism and Discipleship (3)

Concentration (12)
• Choose any course(s) from the Biblical Studies Division
• Choose any course(s) from the Historical and Theological Studies Division

Choose one course from any division (3)

Educational Ministries
GS410 Seminary Research Methods (0)

*if required by denomination in lieu of elective credits (6)
**Those taking 6 credits of denominational studies will have no elective credits, and only 9 credits in their concentration.

Total Credits (91)

Harrisburg MDiv

Master of Divinity Program

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