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Hand in Hand

A Scholarship Endowment Initiative

Sharing God's Blessings to Transform Our World

Those who have been called to Christian ministry but do not have adequate resources can become discouraged at the prospect of graduating from seminary and entering their calling with monumental financial debt. We can help these future ministry leaders to not lose heart and to follow the course God has planned for their lives.

At a time when the average student loan accumulation for new pastors is growing substantially, Evangelical Seminary needs to be on the cutting edge of assisting students achieve the best biblical education possible-while also freeing them from the lingering, long-term effects of educational expenses.

That's why we have initiated the Hand in Hand Scholarship Endowment, a 3-year, $1.5 million* initiative. Our goal is to dramatically increase the amount of scholarship dollars available to Evangelical Seminary students during their training. Ultimately, the financial freedom these scholarships can provide students will enable them to serve God without limitations.

A gift to the endowment fund touches every person to whom that student will minister in his or her future endeavors. What a testimony to the unlimited power that giving can unleash!

Graduates of Evangelical Seminary already have a strong history of making a difference in our broken and complex world. Past gifts have prepared alumni to bring people to Christ as they serve as far away as Japan and Nigeria and as close as your neighborhood. Past gifts have also prepared alumni to provide assistance for hurting couples and families as far away as Tanzania and Spain and as close as your own community.

We can ensure that our students are becoming servant leaders in transformational ministry as we grow our scholarship endowment together, Hand In Hand.

We welcome your partnership in this exciting venture! Your gifts can be in many forms: cash, or a planned gift, such as appreciated assets, a charitable remainder trust, life insurance, or stocks. To enable more substantial giving to the scholarship endowment, Evangelical Seminary welcomes pledges payable over the next three years.

For further questions or to discuss ways to best facilitate your involvement in supporting Hand to Hand, contact Ann Steel, Vice President for Institutional Advancement at 717.866.5775, ext. 2143, or asteel@evangelical.edu.

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