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A Scholarship in Your Name

Evangelical Seminary is providing an opportunity to honor you or a loved one with a named scholarship. Your minimum donation of $20,000 will give you the blessing of knowing you have helped multiple students freely follow God's call on their lives. This gift can be given over a three-year period. Contact Ann Steel, Vice President for Institutional Advancement at 717.866.5775, ext. 2143, or asteel@evangelical.edu.

"So many people that are called by God and equipped for ministry just don't have the means to attend seminary. I want God's people to be able to use their gifts and talents without undue concern about money. That's why I participate in the scholarship initiative here at Evangelical Seminary."
- Dorothy Gish, Scholarship Donor

"Upon graduation, I am free to minister wherever God calls me without worrying how I will meet the financial obligations of paying off seminary debt. I just want to minister and serve wherever God leads me to be."
- Amanda Rohrer, Scholarship Recipient

"My husband and I realized that many pastors do not earn a lot and come out of seminary with debt. We love Evangelical Seminary, so we set up a scholarship that now benefits multiple students each year. My husband has since passed away, but our scholarship is a continuing legacy for Christ."
- Harriet Maurer, Scholarship Donor

"I am blessed to be a recipient of an endowment scholarship that allows me to be a fulltime student. What a relief to know that, after my time at Evangelical Seminary, I will be able to step into whatever role God has for me-debt-free! Unfortunately, many of my peers are feeling burdened by the significant cost of their education. I wish everyone could have the experience I am having."
- Chad Kummerer, Scholarship Recipient

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